Spartan Swimmers Positive Outlook on Postponed 2020 Olympics


The 2020 Olympic Games are the latest global sporting event to be put on hold due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Michigan State swimmers Scott Piper, Payton Woods, and Michael Schwers all made the Olympic trials for team USA. On Tuesday, they saw their dreams of making team USA quickly fade away.

“My first initial reaction, a little bit of disappointment knowing that like my whole swimming career my goal has been to swim at the Olympic trials and then to have that taken away from me it was pretty sad. But the more I thought about it, the safety of the athletes as well as the spectators is way more important than anything that we can accomplish in the pool. So I totally understand the decision, I’m glad that they postponed it,” said Woods.

“It was upsetting, finish Big Tens and like not having that like sense of being done with like swimming yet. I just wish like we got like that final race where like we like knew we were gonna be done,” said Schwers.

“What I realize I’m missing more and more over the past week or so is just the daily interactions, you know goofing around in the lane, listening to music in the locker room, eating meals as a whole,” said Piper.

Even though these Spartans don’t get a chance to make their dreams come true this year, they still have a positive outlook on the future of the Olympics.

“I think that makes the 2021 Olympics a little more special just cause as a whole world like we make it through this and you know it’ll be a great thing to see,” said Schwers.

“You know we all stick together and show that we value everyone’s safety and health more than competing I think it really goes along with the Olympic mission of bringing people together even if that means staying further apart,” said Piper.

No date has been set to reschedule the team USA Olympic trials while the International Olympic Committee stated they would like to have the Olympics take place no later than the summer of 2021.

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