EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan State’s defense has struggled mightily at times this season, but one positive contributor has been linebacker Ben VanSumeren.

In 2022, he already has amassed four times the amount of total tackles he had in all of 2021.

And as he shared with our Haley Schoengart, the best experiences in life are the ones that you don’t see coming.

VanSumeren has become quite the force on the defensive side of the ball for the Spartans, but defense was never something he even considered until he reached the collegiate level.

“Being a wide receiver? It is a little different from what I do now, but I mean at the time that is all I really knew,” VanSumeren said. “I was an offensive player in high school at the time I thought that’s all that I was going to be when I started getting offers and everybody said you are going to be a defensive player, and I didn’t really believe it and my high school coaches were like ‘you are going to play offense.’ Here I am years later, a linebacker.”

Believe it or not, VanSumeren used to play for the Michigan Wolverines. Fast forward, and now he and his brother both play for Mel Tucker. VanSumeren said playing with family is an awesome experience.

“It is great, I love it!” VanSumeren said. “I get to see him every day, whereas before, over the last four years, I really got to only see him on game days.”

Away from the gridiron, VanSumeren has another passion.

“Acting is something I would like to pursue after football,” the linebacker said.

If there were one movie he could star in?

“The Great Gatsby, I want to be Leo,” VanSumeren said.