EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — This year’s fall camp has been a bit different for Michigan State’s football team than in years past due to all the construction taking place.

As of late June, the second and final phase of renovations for the Tom Izzo Football Building project were approved.

And as a result, the staff and players have been having to go back and forth from the practice facility to Spartan stadium to use the locker rooms.

To make the daily trek easier for the players, Meijer donated 30 bikes for the team to use, and they even came with their own custom license plate. What’s even better is once fall camp comes to an end, MSU is going to give the bikes to the Boys and Girls Club of Lansing.

One player who is taking full advantage of the free transportation is Georgia transfer Ameer Speed, and the sixth year corner took the bikes for a spin with our sports reporter Ian Kress.

Speed says he uses the bikes practically every day, and said it’s pretty fun to get back on a bike and ride around.

Since arriving on MSU’s campus in January, Speed said he’s been thrilled with how quickly he’s gelled with his new teammates.

One thing that’s been different at MSU compared to Georgia is the attention to detail, Speed said. Tucker has a focus on the small stuff in everything the program does, Speed said.

Speed was in the transfer portal for just a week before coming to MSU. He said he trusted Tucker and felt like he had to come join.

To hear more from Speed, watch the video player at the top of the page.