EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — This week is another trophy game week for Michigan State’s football team, with the Old Brass Spittoon up for grabs against Indiana.

The trophy is currently in the Spartans possession and coach Mel Tucker would love to keep it that way.

He’s a big fan of trophy games, and it’s where we begin our chat on this week’s episode of the MSU Coaches Show.

“The trophy games are always great. That’s what’s special about college football,” Tucker said. “You get these rivalries and then we get an opportunity to educate our players at the beginning of the week about the trophy, the history of the trophy, and you know, what it’s all about.”

Tucker also discusses the bizarre history of the trophy and how it became a tradition to spit in it after a win.

Back on the gridiron, the Spartans appear to have turned a corner this season with two straight wins against Illinois and Rutgers.

Now the Spartans take on Indiana, who is in last place in the Big Ten East, but Tucker says they shouldn’t be take lightly.

“Tom Allen does a really good job of coaching his team,” Tucker said. “Like I mentioned to the players Monday morning, they’re one of the more physical teams in the Big Ten every year, and this season is no different.”

To hear Tucker’s whole interview, watch the video at the top of the page.