EAST LANSING, Much. (WLNS) — Michigan State football coach Mel Tucker is taking the loss to Washington personally.

When Mel Tucker steps up to the podium for his weekly press conferences, he’s generally reserved, with every response to a question carefully thought out.

But the third-year coach didn’t mince words about the play of the secondary or his coaching ability after watching the tape.

It’s no secret Tucker is coaching the corners this year.

So when Washington’s quarterback Michael Penix Jr. racked up nearly 400 yards, it had him using some words he hoped his mother wouldn’t hear.

He said right now, he views himself as a horse s**t football coach after the way his defensive backs performed.

Tucker said the most disappointing thing about the loss was watching the lack of execution and not being able to do the things they’ve done in practice.

He said he starts with himself and his coaching staff and asks how they can help the players get better, with accountability being key.

After watching a continuous copy of the film from the game, he said he asked his players what they saw. The words casual, lack of detail, and lack of execution were a few they chose.

Tucker said that ultimately he knows he’s a good football coach, but last games performance did not live up to his standards, and now they’re in improvement mode.

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