EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS — The Michigan State University baseball season has begun, and the Spartans opened the year with a 15-8 victory over the University of Michigan.

The season opener was held in Phoenix last Friday, just days after a tragic shooting impacted MSU’s campus and Michigan as a whole.

Head coach Jake Boss spoke with the MSU Coaches Show about what it’s been like for him to lead the team during an emotionally charged time in East Lansing, one that has the community recovering from a traumatic experience.

“It was a tough week for everybody. Thankfully every one of our guys was safe, but pretty rattled. Most guys went home on Tuesday, obviously there was no practice, which was good for everybody,” Boss said.

Describing the players on the team as shaken up, Boss said getting a break from East Lansing during the trip to Arizona for opening day was helpful for the team to readjust.

Before taking the field, players from both teams came together for a moment in silence in remembrance of the victims of the shooting.

“It was a pretty emotional scene for our guys. Kudos to Michigan and head coach Tracy Smith for taking part in that,” Boss said.

You can watch the full interview with Boss in the video player above.