In another classic moment on ESPN's Manningcast, Peyton and Eli Manning gave viewers an unintentionally hilarious breakdown after a failed “tush push” during Monday’s Seahawks-Giants game.

New York’s attempt at the short-yardage play, which has been popularized by the Eagles, saw quarterback Daniel Jones fall short on fourth-and-1 in the first quarter as he was flanked by a less-than-stellar push from offensive linemen Mark Glowinski and Shane Lemieux.

After watching New York turn it over, a clearly perturbed Peyton went off at the play’s design, setting in motion a hilarious back and forth between the brothers as they broke down the replay.

“Hey, that guard’s gotta get his hand more on the butt, he’s gotta get it up in there a little more. He’s not pushing hard enough,” Peyton said.

“He didn’t get a push,” replied Eli as he looked at his old team in angst.

“Yeah, pre-snap, he’s gotta have his hand on the butt and then go,” said Peyton over the clip. “All right, he waited. See? He’s got no space, no chance that’s gonna work.”

The priceless exchange then led to the Mannings delivering their surefire way for how the Giants could perfectly execute the tush push in the future. And it was just as funny as anyone could’ve expected.

“You gotta push the right butt cheek, specifically,” Peyton said.

“Yes, each of ’em got a butt cheek, they gotta get. That is disappointing,” joked Eli in response.

While New York may have clearly gotten on their bad side, here's to hoping Jones and the Giants can do something to get back in the Mannings’ good graces as Monday Night Football continues.