The Denver Broncos’ embarrassing 70–20 loss to the Miami Dolphins gets worse and worse by the day.

NFL analyst Mark Schlereth highlighted one play that illustrates the disaster of epic proportions that was the Broncos’ defensive performance. On one of Dolphins running back Raheem Mostert’s four touchdowns on the day, Miami right tackle Austin Johnson can be seen doing a full somersault after easily handling defensive end Randy Gregory early in the possession. Schlereth, a former offensive lineman himself, couldn’t believe the play, tweeting “In all my years I’ve never seen anything like this.”

“This game is so easy, and we are kicking your ass so thoroughly, that I am a big, fat offensive lineman and I’m going to do a somersault into the end zone,” Schlereth said.

Schlereth also called it “maybe one of the most embarrassing plays” he has ever seen.

Fans loved Jackson’s antics.

The Dolphins are winning and having fun doing it right now. The Broncos? Not so much.