The Detroit Lions are still looking to improve their struggles coming out of halftime. 

They were shutout in the third quarter by the Chicago Bears, who rallied to take the lead in that timeframe. The third quarter, as a whole, has presented problems for the Lions throughout the season. 

Heading into a showdown with the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving, the Lions are still working to fix the problems that have hindered them coming out of the halftime break. 

"It's something that, it has not really worked in our favor like we talked about. But there again, I think there's a couple things we've tweaked and we'll do a little bit something different," Campbell explained. "We'll find the right balance with what we need to do. Whether it's the type of plays we run or the players we're getting the ball to or things Goff's comfortable with. Defensively, what is the emphasis we're gonna come out of halftime with? We'll keep working with it and we'll find the balance. It's something that we just keep addressing, keep working on and there again, it'll all come around for us." 

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Irvin unlikely to debut Thursday

The Lions are unlikely to elevate outside linebacker Bruce Irvin from the practice squad for the team's Thanksgiving game.

Irvin, 36, signed to the practice squad just a week ago. He has been working to get back into football shape before officially debuting. The veteran did not play against the Bears on Sunday and likely won't be active in Week 12, either. 

"It's possible, I still don't see that happening. Not right now. We want to be smart," Campbell said Tuesday. "We want to be smart with how we do it and, look, he's working, he's learning it. He's in good shape. I just think, just want to be smart with how we proceed here. That's all." 

The Lions elected to bring him in for a workout last week and signed him to the practice squad Tuesday.

Tom Landry story 

When Campbell was growing up in Texas, Tom Landry was an icon. Holding the head coach role in Dallas from 1960-1988 and winning two Super Bowls, Landry was an iconic figure that influenced football fans. 

Though the Lions' head coach didn't believe he was destined to be a football coach, his love for football drew him to Landry. There was an allure about the leader of the Cowboys at the time, who won 250 games as the team's head coach.

"No, I never did (want to coach), never even thought about it, so that was much, much later," Campbell stated. "But when you grow up in Texas, Tom Landry is a legend, obviously. Hall of Fame coach. But once you sit in the seat and you think about some of these coaches that you remember, it's pretty special."

Campbell said he had the fortune of meeting Landry when he was younger. A family member of Campbell's was friends with the Hall of Fame coach, so occasional meetings were in store. 

When Campbell was drafted by the New York Giants, Landry sent him a congratulatory letter. Those moments with one of the biggest figures in Texas while he was growing up are ones that will stick with him throughout the rest of his life.

"I don't think it's necessarily like, 'Oh, one day when I coach.' But it's one of those moments you'll never forget," Campbell explained. "I'll never forget it. I still remember where I was at, where we were at, what he was dressed in. He came out, it was just, the whole thing. It's pretty cool. He didn't have the hat."