Here is a collection of quotes from Detroit Lions players and coaches following their 31-26 win over the Chicago Bears.

Dan Campbell

His message to the defense before the final drive:"I actually went down there and said, 'It just don't get any better than this.' This is what you want to be in right now. Game on the line, you've got a chance to make the big stop to win this game and Hutch goes out there and makes the sack-fumble of his life for a safety. That, to me, those are the moments we're built for. That's how we have to think and that was what it felt like when they took the field. This is why you play this game at this level, is for moments just like that. That was awesome." 

Jared Goff

On where the team stands after 10 games: "Eight-and-two, that's about it. We're in a good place right now and feel great. We still have yet to accomplish anything in the grand scheme, but we have won eight games out of 10 and that feels pretty good." 

On moving on after making mistakes within a game: "I don’t take my job lightly and my job is so much greater than how good I do. It’s so much greater than what my stats are or how many touchdowns I can throw. It’s about being there for my teammates and being the best I can be on every play throughout the game. Even when things aren’t going my way, I’m not playing as well I’d like to early on, how do I find a way to kind of center myself back to what my true job is, which is to be my best on every play and do everything I can for my teammates.”

Jameson Williams

On the team's bond showing through in the comeback win: "We all just look out for each other, stand up for each other. It's just a brotherhood. I just feel like when we're on that field, can't nobody touch us and nobody can match with us because we're gonna go til there's three zeroes in the fourth quarter like you just saw. I feel like we're gonna go the hardest, we're gonna go the longest and that's just how we play. I love that about our team, for sure." 

On his 32-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter: "I had a pylon route, I saw the safety before the play, we're running it off of him. He was inside of me, I knew I’d get 12-15 yards. If he’s not able to run with me to the back pylon, then we got him. Jared made the read and we got on the board quick."

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Derrick Barnes

On the mindset of the defense: "I would just say it's either nut up or shut up. That's one thing we know. We know that, anything for our offense, we want to get the ball back for them. That's what we did. I know we were sitting around, talking during that timeout when we got down in the red zone, everybody was just like, 'We've got to finish this, it's time to finish this.' That's what we did. Really, that's just one of moments where you give it your all and that's what we did." 

Aidan Hutchinson

On breaking a streak of four straight games without a sack: "This season can be mentally hard, just through the ebbs and flows. But I'm happy to finally end that little streak and move on." 

Where the team stands with a quick turnaround Thursday: "We're ready, we're ready. That was such a huge win, man. It was looking a little dark there, for a second, but we just found a way." 

Jack Campbell

On the feeling of being part of an 8-2 team: "Just take advantage of it. It's hard to win in the NFL, so anytime you get a win just really embrace it. For me, also, continue to push and give this team everything that I have knowing that everything's in front of us that we want." 

Alim McNeill

His reaction to Dan Campbell's message before the final drive: "It means a lot because those are the moments you literally dream of when you're a kid. When you're coming up through Pop Warner and everything, that moment with that many seconds left, you need to make this play, that's the moments you dream of. That was huge and that got us super locked in for that drive." 

Alex Anzalone

His reaction to the late-game heroics: "It's huge. I think that when the game's on the line, when you need a play to be made, your best player showing up in those critical moments, like Hutch did at the end of that game, or Jared or David on that last drive. And Jahmyr, our O-line, everyone. You need your best players to step up in those critical moments. That's really what embodies our team. We have great leadership and guys who do things the right way. When you do that, that's when good outcomes happen."