HASLETT, Mich. (WLNS) – If you spend any time on Lake Lansing, there’s a good chance you’ll notice coasting through the water. That’s because it’s the home of the Bath sailing team.

The Bees started competing this fall and joined the Lake Lansing High School sailing team as the only ones in mid-Michigan. The only difference, Bath is the only school in mid-Michigan with its own team. The Lake Lansing team is made up of students from high schools across the area.

Brendan Falkowski is a senior at Bath and is the one that started the sailing team. He and his sister Cara attended a sailing camp in the summer and wanted to bring the competition in the water to the high school.

“It’s kind of calming in a way because of the sound of the water when you’re racing,” Cara Falkowski said.

Brendan Falkowski said, “We started looking into what it would take to start a team and what we would need, and uh we were able to get a couple of students that were excited about doing it and trying it out.”

Both Brendan and Cara got into sailing before they were even one year old.

“I was just hanging out on the boat with my family then, but as I got older I got more involved with the operations and stuff on our boat,” Brendan said.

To have an official team, you’re required to have at least four students and right now the Bees have five on the team.

“I kind of pushed a few of my friends into it and then we tried to get some attention and do some recruiting at the school,” Brendan said.

When it comes to sailing, like most sports, it requires a lot of physical strength. But when out on the water it’s the mental strength that can lead to success.

“Depending on the wind, you’re physically straining your mind and body to get the boat to go where you want it to go,” Cara said.

Bath sailing coach Adam Falkowski, father of Brandan and Cara, said, “In sailing, you’re on offense and defense at the same time. You’re playing on a court that’s constantly moving on you.”

For more information on the Bath sailing team, you can reach out via email at bathhssailing@outlook.com or the team’s website, www.bathsailing.wordpress.com. The Bees also have social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.