LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – In the span of eight days, the Lansing Christian golf team came in fourth place, out of 23 teams, with a score of 323 at the Detroit Golf Club invitational, took first place in the GLAC Jamboree, came in fifth place at Bedford Valley Open – a challenging course in the state championship rotation – and capped it off with a first-place finish in the GLAC Medalist.

The common dominator with all four events was that the weather conditions were less than ideal.

On Tuesday at the Medalist, May 3, the Pilgrims played in 49-degree temps and rainy conditions. The team was able to remain focused and come away with a score of 173. Junior Baylor Brogan led all golfers with a 41.

Brogan is the lone junior on a team with four seniors and two freshmen, and all of them enjoy playing in the rain. Lansing Christian golf coach Jason Block always tells his guys in below-average weather “A lot of the guys you’re going to be playing with are going to be complaining. They’re going to talk about why they don’t want to be there and it’s cold. We just said ‘good shot, bad shot just try to stay steady.'”

Senior golfer Will Combs said, “Even though it wasn’t the best, it brought our team together because it brought more camaraderie than competition.”

Brogan said, “I know all these guys, we call them ‘mudders’ because they like to play in the rain and they’re not really country club kids.”

The team has vastly improved over the last three seasons, the team shooting scores are 50-75 strokes lower than when the seniors were freshmen. Last season the Pilgrims finished as runners-up in the Division 4 state tournament – falling short of Kalamazoo Hackett by six strokes. With the entire team back this season, winning a state championship is all this group cares about.

“We put the state-runner up banner in the gym a month or so ago and it was fun, but we want the one that says state championship,” Block said.

“Oh we’re definitely replacing that next year,” Combs said. “We’re definitely going to put a state championship up this year. The whole season we’ve been thinking about it.”

Brogan said, “We’ve all really been working on our game and just developing that next step forward. So hopefully we can get it done this year.”

It’s early in the season, but the Pilgrims rank third, in Division 4, in 18-hole rounds and second in 9-hole rounds.