LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – After taking down Parma Western on Tuesday, 2-1, Lansing Christian improved to 2-0 on the season.

The Pilgrims are under new leadership this season with Tommy Ziolkowski, who replaced long-time coach Joel VandeKopple.

When Ziolkowski applied for the position, he applied to be the girls’ coach. But after talks with Lansing Christian Athletic Director Dan Carmichael, and of course his wife, Ziolkowski became the head coach of both the boys and girls programs.

“My favorite part about coaching is just working with the kids,” Ziolkowski said. “Watching them grow every day, especially when they’re struggling with a specific skill, and then that light blub flips and they get it.”

Senior Mia Judd said, “With a new coach, our transition has been really smooth. He’s come in and we’ve all adjusted pretty well.”

Junior Audra Usiak said, “It’s been really fun. We’ve already learned a lot. We’ve changed a lot too, but safe to say it’s been going well because we’re 2-0.”

Some of the changes made by Ziolkowski include the style of play. The formation and way they want to defend are among the changes of play. Also different, is the amount of running the team does at practice.

“Everyone said he was super hardcore and made them run a ton,” Judd said after speaking with the members of the boy’s soccer team. “He’s definitely very hard and challenging for us, which has helped us grow already.”

Usiak said, “We were all kind of prepared for what he would have in store for us, but I think it’s helped us a lot because we’re more in shape. We definitely need to get in more shape throughout the season, so it’s worth it.”