WILLIAMSTON, Mich. (WLNS) – When you have the talent – and Williamston boys basketball coach Tom Lewis believes this year’s squad ‘is as talented as a team’ as he’s had – there’s one month you look forward to as a basketball player.

We’ve been waiting for March. Very excited for March and, you know, we’re just working every day trying to get better,” Williamston senior guard and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County commit Mason Docks said.

Toledo commit and Williamston senior guard, J Wallace said, “At the beginning of the season, we all talked about what our goals were and each player had a state championship written on their paper.”

The path to reach that accomplishment has been a good one for the Hornets. 16 games in, Williamston has a 16-0 record, has received the top ranking in Division Two, and this past week claimed the program’s 10th straight CAAC conference title.

“Our assistant is Riley (Lewis) and it started his freshman year and it’s gone all the way through the guy’s senior year,” Lewis said. “Proud of the consistency. There’s been a lot of guys involved in all those games and they should be proud of that. At the start, I think the program was climbing the hill up and now we’re trying to fend some people off.”

Western Michigan commit and Williamston power forward Max Burton said, “I still remember those players, back when I was super young, watching them ten years ago.”

Aside from the talent, a part of what’s made Williamston so successful this season is its ability to play with a chip on its shoulder each game, no matter the opponent. The Hornets is all the headlines, the news articles talking about how good they are – like this – and they see their state ranking, but despite all of that Williamston does not let that get to its head. And that all starts with Lewis.

“He always tells us to play with a chip on our shoulder, no matter what. Because every team that comes in is going to try to play their best game, you know, because they see all the headlines,” Docks said.

Burton said, “Like Mason said, it’s every team’s Super Bowl when they play us. So we just got to go out and force our will and make sure that we come on top.”

Wallace said, “I just think there’s a certain level of focus that this team has, that is going to help us down the road. I kind of have a bitter taste in my mouth. My freshman year we got upset in the district finals by Haslett. My sophomore year we had a really good team and that got cut short due to COVID. Then last year we had a really good team, but we did not reach our goals when I feel like we should have. This year is the last shot at it and I want it really bad.”