Tigers Stayed Fit During Quarantine


The COVID-19 quarantine has lead to a lot of us gaining some extra body weight. Staying inside with the gyms being closed has contributed to athletes not always maintaining their physiques. The term “quarantine fifteen” has been used to describe the extra pounds some of us have acquired during this time at home.

For the Detroit Tigers in their first day of the full 60-man roster summer workouts, a lot of the players looked like they hadn’t taken a day off from working out. When speaking with the media on Monday, some of the Tigers shared what it was like to look around and see how dedicated and prepared their teammates really are.

“It’s exciting, guys are in shape guys are really to play,” said Tigers pitcher Matthew Boyd. “We all showed up. I think everyone showed up in better shape than even in spring training, guys really used this time to get better. It’s awesome to see guys that weren’t healthy now healthy. It’s exciting you know to have the guys back  have guys in shape and guys are ready to win and that’s the most important thing is we’re ready to go out there and compete for every pitch in sixty games.”

“Well I’ve only seen the guys that are in my group so me, Miggy (Miguel Cabrera), Cron (C.J. Cron) and Schcoop (Jonathan Schcoop) so those the guys that I’ve workout with,” said Tigers shortstop Niko Goodrum. “Everyone’s looking good everyone’s looking in shape. Well you know Miggy, body’s looking good. Cron’s looking good, Schoop looking good so I think we’re all ready to go and I’m excited to see everyone. Hopefully we can get a team practice in but right now, we’re in groups right now.”

As the Tigers continue to prepare for opening day they’ll looking to incorporate some new faces including rookie Spencer Torkelson into the mix of the lineup. Stay with 6 Sports for continued coverage on the Tigers as they prepare for their first game.

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