SHOREWOOD, Ill. (WLNS) — There is an entire warehouse in Shorewood, Illinois that is devoted to returns.

A torch, a jack for a trailer, and a vacuum are things you might find in the warehouse.

It’s all a part of, an online auction company.

CEO Steve Fitzgerald said the strangest thing that he has ever seen come to the warehouse was a full-size hot tub on the back of a truck.

Fitzgerald said companies like his take what retail stores don’t want to re-stock.

“A lot of cases, things get returned and there might be box damage, or missing screws, or missing directions and retailers really want to protect their customer experience, they want that to be perfect,” said Fitzgerald.

Every day, they get a 40-foot trailer filled with around 1,600 boxes. Most of the time, they don’t even know what’s inside the boxes. Once processed, items in imperfect to pristine condition are up for bid.

“It’s anywhere from 50-90% off of regular retail,” said Fitzgerald. “Everything starts at $1. There’s no reserve price and the market determines what it’s worth.”

Josh Comer has snapped up hundreds of deals, and he said that most of the time, he resells his steals. says it operates on a reverse-logistics ecosystem that is mindful of the planet and people’s wallets.

Ultimately, it’s giving unwanted gifts a second chance.