LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The hunt to haunt is on as Halloween lovers search high and low for the most popular decorations this year.

Like Guy Steiger and his daughter, who just added two of Home Depot’s hard-to-find animatronics after finding out a local store had some restocked.

“We got there they have them so I was like ‘ok well I guess if we are going to get them now is our chance because we’ll never probably find them again,'” said Guy.

He was right. Online they’re sold out. Not even the price tag is enough to scare people away.

Good luck finding the 12-foot skeleton. Shelves have been bare bones for skelly since he sold out in July!

Business professor Dietrich von Biedenfeld with University of Houston Downton explains, a lot of this stuff comes from China, where COVID lockdowns still happen.

“With the zero covid policies we are seeing a number of major ports shut down, we are seeing manufacturing facilities shut down for weeks on end, “said Biedenfeld.

It’s not just decortations but candy and costumes might vanish from shelves early this year too as companies anticpate orders arriving late because of delays.

So, if you’re hoping for a screaming good time this Halloween, beware! You may need to start a little early.