LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Travel season is underway, and many are looking to stretch their cash to get a good deal on a flight.

The first rule of thumb when booking a plane ticket is to book a flight sooner rather than later, as flights get more expensive the closer to takeoff.

Secondly, choose your travel dates wisely. The most expensive weekend to fly this summer is the 4th of July weekend, with average tickets costing more than $400 for a round-trip ticket.

In order to get the cheapest deals of the summer, it is advised to wait until the end of the summer before booking a flight.

Additionally, destination plays a role as well. The most expensive places to fly are Seattle, San Diego and Portland.

Cities like Houston, Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale are less expensive cities to travel to.

Booking one ticket at a time, rather than shopping for the family in one go- may also save you some cash.

“We had a flight from Portland to New York, and we were searching for four tickets. And those tickets came back at $187 per person. When I reduced it down to one ticket, all of a sudden the price dropped to $113 per person,” said Scott Keyes with Scott’s Cheap Flights.

Searching for one way tickets may also yield better offers for departures, but another airline may have a better price for the retuirn.