LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – After a summer of expensive flights, many Americans are wondering just how much heading home for the holidays will cost. The travel site Hopper reports Thanksgiving and Christmas airfares will be their highest in five years.

But there are ways to save. Expedia revealed its annual air travel hacks report that the best day to fly for Thanksgiving is the Friday before or the day of. for Christmas, it’s the weekend before.

Christmas this year falls on a Sunday. If you leave on the Friday before Christmas, you’re not going to be in good shape

CBS News Senior Travel Adviser Peter Greenberg says he often flies on Thanksgiving morning.

“Get there in time to carve the turkey, and then while everybody’s stuck at the mall on Black Friday, you go home,” he said.

Another tip from Expedia: buy your airfare on Sundays. That will save you about 5% on domestic flights and 15% on international flights.

Business travel is starting to come back, fares will stabilize on Sundays.

To avoid delays and cancelations you want to book a flight earlier in the day. According to Expedia, a flight that leaves after three in the afternoon is 50% more likely to be canceled.

And lastly, with some exceptions on holiday travel, Expedia says book domestic flights one month out and international flights six months out to get the best deals.