LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Have you started thrifting? Thrifting, specifically online thrifting, has exploded in popularity.

There are many sites out there, but the one we are talking about in this Steals in Deals is The RealReal. It’s on online resale platform specifically designed for top designer items.

One feature the site offers is thatyou can set filters in your size for brands the price you want to pay ,and you can also check the condition of items everything from showing signs of wear to new with tags.

If you go on this site and enter your favorite designers and =sizes, you will be simply amazed at the deals you can find.

We’re talking $250 jeans in excellent condition for like $20.
Not only are you saving money it’s actually a form of recycling right?

You can find great deals when buying on sites like this. If you have designer clothes in your closet that you’re not longer wearing, you can also make some major money selling them and get this: experts say reaching really deep into your closet may get you the most money.