LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – This week, 6 News is here for you with some important information to keep scammers from stealing your personal information and money during tax season.

The Better Business Bureau put out a warning tonight saying scams targeting taxes result in major losses every year.

The number one scam to watch out for is identity theft. This happens when a scammer uses your social security number and other personal information to file a tax return in your name in order to collect your refund.

Another popular scam involves people impersonating the IRS. They claim if you don’t pay them money right away, you could be arrested or fined.

“If you get an email or a text message, or even a message on social media from someone saying that they are the IRS, and they’re asking for personal sensitive information or maybe payment immediately, those are red flags that this is a scam. The IRS is never going to reach out to you through those methods,” said Katie Grevious with the BBB.

To protect yourself the BBB says file your taxes early and watch out these signs:

“It’s going to be through the mail and maybe a phone call, and they’re not going to demand immediate payment. They’re going to give you a chance to appeal if you actually owe. And they’re going to want you to do that online or send it in the mail in a very specific form of payment… They’re not going to want you to pay with a gift card or through something like a PayPal. They’re going to want you to do it with a check or money order or something more legitimate,” said Grevious.