LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Food prices are up nearly 9% from last year, and the United States Department of Agriculture predicts food costs could rise up another 5% this year.

One mom is tackling higher food costs with fridge hacks that have saved her a few hundred dollars per month at the grocery store.

Registered dietician and mom to two Alyssa Miller says part of lowering food waste is staying aware of what is about to go bad.

According to the Colorado momma, reorganizing her fridge, labeling shelves, and creating a “need to use” bin has saved her between $300 and $400 on monthly grocery trips.

“I needed to figure out a way to make sure I was using all of the foods I was buying,” said Miller. “It’s more for those foods that need to be eaten in the next day or two because they’re kind of like on the clock.”

You may be wondering what a “need to use” bin is.

“Every week I sweep through my fridge and I just look for anything that’s on its last few days. So maybe it’s a cucumber I had half cut up for a salad earlier that week. And I know that it’s about to start to go slimy, so I’ll put it in the need-to-use bin.”

Alyssa also says to divide up foods by category and put them all in clear bins you can easily access them so items won’t go bad in the back of the fridge.

Additionally, take inventory of your fridge once a week to make sure you’re not buying items you already have.

What about if you find yourself over buying at the store?

Miller says that meal-prepping, or having some sort of plan will be helpful for preventing overbuying.