LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Inflation and supply chain problems aren’t going away.

Week after week, it’s safe to say we’re all spending a lot more on groceries, and it’s adding up quickly.

This is happening across the country. Food prices are up more than 8% on average.

Last week, Consumer Reports came out with some tips to help you save money the next time you shop.

Prices for staples like meat, chicken, and fish have seen the highest increase, well over that 8% mark.

So when it comes to the main protein for your dinner table, Consumer Reports suggests looking for an alternative.

High-protein foods like eggs, beans, and peas are generally cheaper and are linked to health benefits.

Also make sure you’re checking out the store brand if that’s an option.

According to the report, they can cost up to 25% less than name-brand and often are the exact same, and in some cases even better.

You should also make sure you have a loyalty card to get the lowest price wherever you shop.

It’s also really important to pay attention to the cost per unit.

“If you see, say, two boxes of pasta right next to each other and one says that it’s so many cents per ounce and you can compare that with the one next to it, you can save money on the one that has less cents per ounce. It’s not always obvious from the packages themselves,” said Tobie Stranger, a representative for Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports also says shopping apps like Basket, Ibotta, and Flipp can help you find the lowest prices, store specials, and coupons.