LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Many stores across the U.S., including some in Michigan, are forcing retailers to ration supplies of baby formula.

Supply chain shortages and recent recalls are forcing families to have to make difficult decisions.

A recent review of 11,000 stores showed that nearly 30% of popular baby formula brands may be sold out.

While manufacturers ramp up production, it’s going to take weeks or even months to catch up.

The average infant can go through one to two ounces of formula every couple of hours, and that number only increases as they grow.

For adoptive families and mothers who can’t breastfeed, the shortage of formula is even more worrisome.

Doctors say people can help offset the shortages by donating unused and unopened formula to family organizations, as well as trying other formula brands that are available in stores.

Drugstore chains Walgreens and CVS Health, as well as Target, have recently put limits on how many baby formula products consumers can purchase at one time.