LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – It has been a difficult year to travel, with widespread flight cancellations, delays and lost bags nationwide.

With that in mind, The Points Guy is releasing its sixth annual best airlines report to help consumers choose which carrier to fly when booking their next getaway.

For the fourth year in a row, Delta Airlines is the number one airline according to a new report from The Points Guy.

“We actually put some weight this year on family travel and the airlines that are nice to families. Delta now is doing family seating. That got them a little extra love,” said Brian Kelly, CEO and founder of The Points Guy.

Kelly recently appeared on CBS Mornings to talk about how his company ranked the top ten airlines, which put Southwest at number two, United at number three, American at number four and Alaska Airlines at number five.

He says there are four main factors: reliability, overall experience, cost, number of destinations, and loyalty perks.

“The funny thing is, Delta didn’t come in number one any of those categories. But they posted really strong. They’re also the most expensive. So consumers are willing to pay to be treated like humans. I think that’s the key theme we’re seeing,” Kelly said.

When it comes to the most options for your buck, Southwest ranked number one in terms of cost and number of destinations, while United scored the highest among frequent fliers.

While reliability is certainly important when you fly if you find yourself left without a flight, The Points Guy also offers a tip on that:

If you’re delayed to the point you need to get a hotel room, airlines usually won’t cover that, but there are credit cards that offer flight delay and interruption coverage.

Hawaiian Airlines ranked the highest in reliability, with more than 90% of its flights arriving on time, which may not be surprising, considering it doesn’t fly to many cold weather destinations where snow storms are an issue.

Delta came in second place, with just 1.25 complaints for every 100,000 passengers.