LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It’s Tech Tuesday mid-Michigan, so here’s the lowdown on what’s going on in the technology world for the week.

Apple launched a new satellite service Tuesday that lets iPhone 14 users send emergency SOS messages when there is no wifi or cellular service.

Additionally, a new feature can also detect when you and your Apple device are in a crash and can reach out to 911 for help.

To make this service work, the iPhone needs a clear view of the sky and horizon and it will send your location information to emergency responders.

Over in California, one city is now offering up to $4,000 rebates to pot shops — an effort to try and stop cannabis-related crimes.

In order to get this money, the shops need to purchase a new high-tech security system.

“It’s cameras that call the police when they see a crime and we do that using a combination of artificial intelligence and live guards,” David Selinger, the CEO of Deep Sentinel Security.

Switching gears, a new report said gas-electric hybrids were the most dependable vehicles sold in the U.S. In the past year.

Big pickup trucks and fully electric automobiles performed the worst according to consumer reports’ annual reliability survey.

The non-profit’s report blames automakers for cramming glitchy electronic features into expensive new pickups and EVs.

The report also said hybrid technology has been around for more than two decades and doesn’t cause a lot of the problems seen in other vehicles.