LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Many people are turning to security cameras like Ring to keep criminals away.

“If you’re relying on wireless as a security thing, you’re looking at it wrong,” said Chris Burns, the owner of Techie Gurus.

According to Burns, security cameras that use wifi to record are more about convenience than actual security because wifi can be easily disrupted preventing the camera from capturing who is around your home.

One Detroit woman’s camera didn’t capture the moment her car was stolen from the front of her house.

Hours of recording were actually missing around the time this happened and similar cases are happening across the country.

“Wireless signals are easy to jam or block,” said Burns.

These hackers are using a wifi jamming device, or a deauther, which can be the size of an Apple Watch. The device can overwhelm a wifi system, forcing the wifi camera to stop recording if you stand close enough.

The jamming devices can even be found on Amazon for $10 to $50.

“A jammer on the other hand will cost anywhere between $150 to $1,000,” said Burns. Those jammers can take out an entire block of security devices.

To protect yourself, you can make sure your device is always hard-wired and plugged into something like an ethernet.

A spokesperson for Ring said although they are aware of the problem, it is rare.