LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – More Americans are eyeing electric vehicles for their next car purchase, but there is some hesitation for people to completely take their foot off the gas peddle.

Thomas Gillespie lives in Maryland, but this didn’t stop him from traveling all the way to an Illinois factory to pick up his new Rivian electric truck himself.

“They were like ‘Mr. Gillespie your truck’s out front’ and I went bounding out the front door like an overexcited 12-year-old,” he said.

Gillespie says he was excited and wanted to go electric and now his wallet is reaping the benefits.

“I figured it out at the end of the day it cost me $1.19 in electricity to do all of my daily driving. In my old truck it probably would have been four gallons of gas so what is that 25, 26, 27 dollars?” Gillespie said.

A recent AAA survey found one-quarter of Americans say they would be likely to buy an electric vehicle as their next auto purchase to help save at the pump, and consumers now have more choices than ever:

Chevrolet introduced its all-electric Blazer, with plans for more EV models next year.

But Americans are still hesitant to make the switch.

Here in Michigan, General Motors launched an interactive website to help educate consumers about electric vehicles.

The GM CEO is sticking true to her pledge that in as little as two years, the company will sell more electric vehicles in the U.S. than Tesla.