The man dubbed the “godfather of artificial intelligence” has left his position at Google.

Now, Geoffrey Hinton wants to warn the world about the dangers of the very product that he was instrumental in creating.

Hinton said he resigned from Google after more than a decade so that he can “freely discuss the dangers” of AI.

But what are those dangers?

Hinton said misinformation, like fake videos, photos and texts have been on the rise as AI becomes more widespread.

Hinton says the average person “will not be able to know what is true anymore.”

He warned that it is hard to people from using AI for questionable reasons.

Hinton has joined a growing roster of industry experts calling for regulation, including tech magnate Elon Musk.

“I think, actually, [AI is] a bigger risk to society than cars, or planes, or a medicine,” said Musk.

The White House is promising not to turn a blind eye to the dangers of AI. Additionally, the White House is urging Congress to put regulations in place.

In fact, Congress recently released new initiatives to promote responsible use of AI, in an attempt to catch the federal government up on the latest in AI technology.

Lawmakers have yet to propose specific regulations, but are calling for more research.