A new circus act in Germany is looking to recreate the magic of traditional big top performances but with a modern, cruelty-free, twist.

The performance will become the first of its kind to use holographic projections of horses, elephants, and lions as part of the show along with the human acrobats and clowns.

The idea came to circus manager Patrick Philadelphia after he saw the Super Bowl performance in Minneapolis where Justin Timberlake performed with the late Prince.

“If you can create holographs of people who are no longer alive, why can’t you do it with animals?”, Philadelphia said.

Potential patrons tell reporters that they would be interested in seeing a show that brings all the fun of the circus without all the problematic issues that come with training wild animals for entertainment.

But for Philadelphia and the rest of his company, the new technology means being able to get back to the roots of the circus and show people something they’ve never seen before.

“Imagination is the limit,” Philadelphia said. “So whatever you can imagine, it can be created by an animator or a graphic designer.”