LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – If you have a child who enjoys STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) activities, there’s an upcoming event you may want to sign them up for.

The 517 Hope Project is hosting a STEAM expo, which they say is the first for the capital city.

The 517 Hope Project is looking to provide opportunities, specifically when it comes to the children who live in the Lansing area.

“We really aim to drive positive change and really be intentional about making an impact in the growth of our children,” said executive director Haydee Baker.

That includes the free STEAM expo on May 20-21. They are looking for parents to sign up their kids for this science fair-like opportunity.

“Children are passionate about art and poetry and we wanted to include them in this as well,” said Baker.

If your child would like to participate in the expo they need to pick a topic, research it, and experiment. They will also need to create an exhibit for their results and practice presenting what they learned.

“We have opened it up to [ages] 7 to 17 for registration, but that’s just to submit a project. We are really hoping to have all ages of the community join us for some fun,” said Baker.

And if you win, there is a range of prizes, including a TV for the grand prize winner.

“We have several Amazon gift cards as well as Best Buy. Some of our local community restaurants have provided vouchers. So, it does range quite a bit for the prizes,” said Baker.

The event is happening at the Advancement Corporation on Thomas Street in Lansing.

“We want to build with the kids in the community, but also show them additional pathways for careers that they may be passionate about and they don’t even know that yet,” said Baker.

You can learn more and register by clicking here.