LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Today’s robots can help ship packages, serve food at restaurants and vacuum the carpet.

Now there’s one that will mow the yard and clear snow.

The Yarbo is an autonomous robot that uses artificial intelligence to navigate a yard or driveway and avoid obstacles.

“You tell it what the boundaries are of your yard, but it mostly uses its own sensors to know where to go and what not to hit,” said Brian Cooley with CNET.

Cooley says robots can also assist farmers. John Deere already has self-driving tractors, now sensors on a robotic attachment can differentiate between weeds and crops to deploy weed killer sparingly. A new system called ‘exact shot’ makes sure fertilizer is only used on the plants that need it.

“So they’re able to reduce fertilizer use by 60%, in the best case, on a large farm,” said Cooley.

From the farm to the hospital, the Aeo robot is designed to assist medical workers.

It can respond to voice commands, carry up to eight pounds and uses an infrared camera to move through facilities on its own.

Aeo can also take pictures.

And finally, meet Dog-E from WowWee toys. This robo-pup responds to petting and communicates through its tail and each one is unique.

“The personality could be sweet, it could be lazy, it could be protective, it could be active. There’s over a million different combinations of what you can get,” said Jessica Kalichman with WowWee.

The Dog-E sells for $80 and should be available in the summer.