LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Though many aren’t thinking about the holidays, many companies are gearing up to show off the latest toys.

This year at New York’s The Toy Insider, one of the gadgets that was on display was a drone that responds to hand gestures.

“They’re using technology in toys in ways that really help kids learn and grow,” said Laurie Schaht of The Toy Insider.

Also at Toy Insider was a Snorble, which is a personal robot for kids that can be a teacher, or even help them sleep.

There’s also the vital hero, a wearable band that gets kids moving, an interactive monster tracker that combines gaming with physical activity.

A new device from RUKUSfx lets you make your own music with a flick of a wrist.
Plus, an interactive kids purse that can play music.

In 2022, you should expect to pay a lot more for these toys.

There is good news., as toy shortages are easing.