LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Japanese researchers are now giving a popular utensil a health-conscious upgrade.

They’ve developed taste-enhancing chopsticks with the goal of making meals more enjoyable for people who eat bland food due to health concerns.

The chopsticks can enhance the taste of food by using an electrical stimulation waveform. The eating utensil is connected to a mini-computer device strapped to the eater’s wrist, a weak electric current moves sodium ions, which are the basis of the salty taste in food.

Researchers are currently refining the chopsticks and hope to commercialize them next year.

Meanwhile, Instacart is launching two new ways to shop using AI technology to ring up groceries directly from your cart.

The delivery company is now piloting “Caper Carts,” which auto-scans your cart at checkout. There’s also the”Caper Counter” which visually identifies your items based on size, shape and color.

Lastly, 3D printing is usually associated with industrial items, like automobile parts or medical implants, but one company in California has found a whole new use for the technology to make desserts.

Sugar Lab creates small, beautiful, detailed sculptures and each one is edible.

“It’s a market that had not even been tapped into, and the technology is something that could deliver a whole new product in a whole new way, allow chefs to be creative in a whole new way,” said Meagan Bozeman, co-founder of CURRANT 3D and Sugar Lab.

The Instagramable treats have led to collaborations with celebrities but they’re hoping to expand their tech so it’s distributed widely enough that it could have an impact.