LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — New technology is changing the way pitches are thrown to the home plate in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Pitchers and catchers in the big league will be able to use an electronic signaling system in the regular season to call pitches.

The system is called Pitchcom, and it’s an effort to speed up the game.

Additionally, Pitchcom will help stop opposing teams from stealing signs.

“We received a lot of feedback from the players from baseball and we also went through safety testing that we changed our design a little bit to make it resistant to hundred mile an hour impacts from baseballs,” said Pitchcom Co-Owner and Inventor John Hankins.

Despite the new tech introduction, the Detroit News reports that Michiganders won’t be seeing the Detroit Tigers using the new tech.

The Detroit News says the Tigers opted out of the new tech option due to a three-minute delay during a White Sox game where the pitcher was having issues with his earpiece.

The device works with a flexible receiver inside the pitcher’s hat; the catcher uses a keypad on their wrist to send the pitch call and location to the pitcher’s ear.

“We use, you know very, very sophisticated encryption technology that each of the teams has access to,” said Pitchcom Co-owner and Inventor Craig Filicetti.

The Pitchcom creators are both magicians, having used similar technology during their magic shows.

During Spring training, 21 clubs have been able to test PitchCom.

For one Colorado Rockies catcher is a fan.

“It’s almost like a video game controller,” said catcher Brian Serven. “I liked it for sure. I thought it has a real chance to be something that’s used at the pro level.”

According to the PitchCom website, in 2023, there will be an affordable PitchCom option for college, high school and travel ball teams alike.