Tech Tuesday: No wallet? No problem. Amazon unveils new hand-scan payment method

Tech Tuesday

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Forgot your wallet? No problem it’s handled.

Amazon is rolling out scanners across the country that put payment right in the palm of your hand. You’ve The retail behemoth has come up with a way to swap the swipe, for a scan.

It’s called Amazon One – a new contactless payment system.

To sign up, customers first insert a credit card ,then hold their palm over the camera. It scans lines, ridges, even the pattern of veins inside the hand.

The whole process takes about a minute. Customers like Liz Gonzalez in San Jose, California, say the technology could come in handy.

“People like me, I’m very forgetful, always forgetting my credit card or my watch. So now, I don’t need to remember to bring my palms,” said Gonzalez.

“If anyone can get this popular, it’ll be Amazon.”

Ian Sherr with CNET says all signs indicate the new technology is safe and reliable. Amazon has already rolled out the palm scanners to more than 70 locations around the country, including mobile ticketing for a concert venue in Denver, and a number of Whole Foods locations.

But widespread usage could be a challenge.

“The reality is that a lot of introducing new technology is convincing people to use it. How much easier is it to use than just pulling out my credit card and paying that way?” said Sherr.

In a convenience-based world, it’s another tool at your fingertips.

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