Tech Tuesday: Preserving your phones battery life

Tech Tuesday

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — As you spend more time at home because of the pandemic you’re probably spending more time on your phone. So for this Tech Tuesday, Kiyerra Lake is here for you with tips to help save your battery life.

Ryan Maners of Lansing’s Wireless Zone, the nation’s largest wireless retailer, discusses battery-saving tips for anyone to take advantage of.

You can turn off your background refresh. Some apps are continuously pinging the internet for data, and turning these off can significantly reduce battery usage.

Turn off your automatic email fetching. Whenever your email app connects to get new mail, it’s using a ton of battery. Switch it to fetch email at less frequent intervals or manually.

Turn off your GPS or location. With location services/GPS turned on, your smartphone is always pinging the cellular network. Unless you’re using a map app, you don’t need to broadcast your location. Turn location services off, except when you really need them.

Go on airplane mode and use WiFi when you can. If you want to connect to WiFi and still save power, switch on airplane mode and then turn on your WiFi. You won’t waste power connecting to the cell network or Bluetooth devices, but you’ll still be connected to the internet via WiFi.

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