MUNICH, Germany. (WLNS) — A bartending robot in Munich can mix a mean mojito and hopefully take some of the strain off the local bar staff.

The two-armed robot mixing cocktails at one of the Sausalitos bars in southern Germany is the first of its kind to help pick up some of the slack during the pandemic.

‘The bar element is our most important element. We are Germany’s largest cocktail chain so the bar is to us what to others the kitchen is,” says Sausalitos manager Christoph Heidt.

The robot was developed by Sausalitos with Inores Robotics AG.

“This industry is suffering from staff shortages which means we would actually very much like to employ more staff if we could find more people willing to work in hospitality,” said Heidt. “We will keep the same amount of bar staff we had before, so we are not planning to replace anybody with the robot, rather it aims to be a help.”

So far, bartenders have positive feedback for the mechanical aid.

“I actually find ‘him’ pretty pleasant, he can’t talk back or complain,” jokes one bartender Julia Rahn.

Rahn added that she is impressed and expects the robot to be useful in the future.

“So if after six weeks a lime is dropped here and there, then this is only human I would say,” Heidt says of the odd robotic mishap.

According to Heidt, the robot’s usage will be adapted to staff feedback and looks forward to what the future brings.

And also,

One day soon you might have your food delivered to you by a robot.

It’s already happening in California where a network of autonomous vehicles is dropping off orders to customers in and around Hollywood.

The robots, which resemble shopping carts, are given human names like Zoe and Quinn

They have light-up eyes to make them seem more relatable and less intimidating to humans that pass by.

They even utter greetings like ‘excuse me’ as they pass each other in the street