Tech Tuesday: Therapist uses Tik Tok to share Alzheimer’s tips

Tech Tuesday

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Life hacks, food trends, and dances go viral on TikTok all the time. One thing you probably didn’t expect to take off is Alzheimer’s tips.

But that’s just what happened to one woman using this social media platform to help others around the world.

“I’m like look how old I am, why would this work?”

Teepa Snow is an occupational therapist. “And I’ve been in practice over 40 years.”

And this month she didn’t think she would be adding viral sensation to her list of skills. But in just a few weeks she gained more than 100,000 followers on TikTok and has millions of views.

In short videos, she shares simple tips to better communicate with someone living with brain changes including dementia and Alzheimer’s

“I’ve worked and taught at universities, colleges, schools of medicine, but I also worked with the Alzheimer’s Association,” said Snow.

So, she’s now taking her background and knowledge on the topic to help others. “

Younger carers and carers who only have like this much time to really pay attention, but they have this much need when it comes to understanding the people they’re caring for or the family members they love.”

Teepa is sharing techniques and helpful suggestions. She says she’s teaching people how to grieve the changes of their loved one with dementia while still giving them wonderful care.

“People are really trying their best and we’re getting lots of questions in about basic stuff and then advanced care stuff because people are in the middle of stuff and they’re struggling.”

Some of these tips are simple.

“Like trying to get people to sit down, trying to get people to go somewhere, trying to get people to not do something, trying to get people to do something and trying to get people to understand and that’s probably the trickiest one, or to remember something.”

And for those who also have important information to share with others other than dementia, Teepa says give TikTok a try. “It’s a way to start anyway. Go ahead and try it. What the heck. I dove in.”

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