Tech Tuesday: Why you should be cautious when posting back to school photos

Tech Tuesday

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – As kids return to school, many proud parents are posting back-to-school photoshoots on social media.

But Lt. Bryan Oleksyk of the Michigan State Police has a word of warning.

“You do have people out there, criminals, who prey on children.”

And things like this happen all over, even in Michigan.

“It can happen right next door or in your hometown.”

So, the organization Enough is Enough is hoping to make the internet safe for children and families.

According to Oleksyk, they shared a few good points when it comes to sharing your child’s first day of school pictures.

Enough is enough shares that a single photo with personally identifiable information can be used by sexual predators or traffickers to track and harm your child.

The Lieutenant says you can share your kid’s first name but leave out their last.

Don’t share things like their age, sports or hobbies that point out their location including photos by the sign at their school.

“Especially if you’re kids in grades through like kindergarten through 5th, ya know you really want to be cautious of that.”

You should also be cautious of posting anything about their schedules and if it’s a half or full-day — or anything about them walking to school.

So set your profiles to private and be careful who you friend.

And now that people are returning to work after the pandemic, you want to be careful about posts that let people know your child is home alone or when no one is at home.

“That stems into a whole other area of crime where people are like okay, that house right there Monday through Friday between 9 and 5, they’re back to work that’s the house I want to break in.”

So as a parent…

“Be cautious of what you’re posting for that proud moment of your children.

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