SAN DIEGO, CA. (WLNS) – If we told you about a cute little animal who had a disease with a cute little name and who got a cute little cure, you’d think it was a fairy tale.

But this story about a penguin who now has some more “pep in his step” thanks to some creative new footwear is all too true.

Lucas the penguin suffers from a chronic and painful condition called bumblefoot.

“Lucas was not walking appropriately, he was showing a lot of tenderness on his left side,” said Debbie Denton, senior wildlife specialist at the San Diego zoo.

But not anymore. Thanks to a new pair of orthopedic boots, made just for him.

“I am so excited that we’ve been able to do this for Lucas. Lucas was one of the first birds I raised at the San Diego zoo,” Denton said.

Caretakers say the boots attach with velcro and are cushioned and make walking less painful.

“So we see him actually moving his toes when he walks now, which is something we haven’t seen in years,” Denton said.

Lucas and his newfound “happy feet” can now keep up with all the other penguins without a limp.