EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – East Lansing freshman Mya Terranova has etched her name into the history books by becoming the first female wrestler from East Lansing to qualify for the state finals.

In fact, she’ll be the lone wrestler representing the Trojans at Ford Field on March 3.

When Mya started wrestling this season, she never envisioned she’d qualify for state in year one.

“That wasn’t even a reality because I wasn’t even planning on wrestling in matches, so I was not expecting that,” Mya said.

It indeed became a reality, and when her coach Tom Woodward, met her for the first time just before the season, he knew Mya had potential.

“As a coach you just get a feeling sometimes when you come across a wrestler and I got that feeling with Mya. And she’s very coachable. Whatever I asked her to do she does it and then does it ten times until its perfect,” said Woodward.

This historic season Mya is having for East Lansing would have never been possible if it wasn’t for her older brother, Julian, who is a junior on the wrestling team. The day before preseason workouts, he simply said to her “come on, you’re coming with me.”

“I was thinking about it because watching my older brother last year do it and that was just like a thought in my head. My brother just like decided it for me,” said Mya.

“Me and my parents figured it might not be a bad idea to push her into it and now look where she’s at since the season started,” said Julian.

Mya has dropped down five weight classes. On top of staying in shape, this season has created an even strong bond between sister and brother.

“We’ve gotten to understand each other better and its just been nice to have someone to talk to more and just come more relatable. When he was little we went to so many tournaments, it was like chaotic and I just loved it,” said Mya.