LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Thousands of new animals arrive at shelters every day across the United States and the process can be stressful for the animals.

So one shelter brought in some entertainment to keep the peace.

The hustle can impact the pets already tense over their new living conditions, yet every week a harp cuts through the mayhem.

“This was a sound I’ve always liked,” said Kate Tamarkin.

She’s the woman stringing together a short-term solution.

“I think the music can draw them out, but for a cat that’s stressed music can help destress a cat or a dog,” she said. “We’ll have some of the shy cats come out of her cages and rub up against [the harpist.]”

It started when Tamarkin was playing her harp for people in hospice care.

“I noticed that the animals often would sleep at the feet of the patient,” Tamarkin said. “I thought if the music has that effect on an animal in its home, in its own environment, perhaps it would help an animal who’s in a cage who’s waiting for its forever home.”

But the appreciation goes both ways.

“It makes me feel like a million bucks, to be honest with you and we know from the pandemic how much animals help, and we need them now more than ever,” said Tamarkin.

If the animals can help us, Tamarkin says maybe music can help them.