HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WLNS) – After a month of designing, 3D printing, and making modifications, a team of high school engineering students created a special gift.

They built a fellow student a prosthetic hand for him to use.

The class, called Engineering Design and Development, is where our story takes place.

“I’ve definitely made most of the memories that I’ve made here inside this classroom. Yeah that’s for sure!” said Hendersonville High Junior Ella Holtermann.

Sergio Peralta isn’t in the class, but quickly became a part of every class period.

“As I was growing up, like during my first years of school, I had a lot of people ask me like, ‘what’s wrong with like, what happened to my hand?’ Lots of people. And I used to just say even in kindergarten ‘I was born like that,”’ said Sergio Peralta.

He was born with one hand that never fully formed.

“It really wasn’t that difficult. I got used to it so that I could do pretty much a lot of stuff, almost everything,” he said.

The almost everything is why these students were tasked with building him a prosthetic hand.

“I didn’t know Sergio when we were gonna do this.” We were kind of starting from scratch. But we were able to look at some previous designs from online. And once we started with idea, it went off from there,” said senior Leslie Jaramillo.

After four weeks of designing, 3D printing and sizing to Sergio’s hand, the class put him to the test with a game of catch.

A new hobby he never knew was possible.

“I never expected this. Living without a hand for 15 years and they actually offered me two is actually pretty cool. No one has ever offered me this stuff. It changed my life,” said Sergio.

A life changed in a class, they’ll never forget.