JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – With every step and every jab, Karrin Davis and his team are teaching the next generation the ‘Wright Way’ of boxing.

“I just want to let his legacy live on,” said Owner of Wright Way Boxing, Karrin Davis.

That legacy is the lifelong work of Jackson boxer Pete Wright who passed away a few years ago. He was a boxing mentor to countless kids in Jackson — including Davis. Wright went by the motto of ‘guns down, gloves up’.

“Pete was all about peace and always trying to bring kids together in a non-violent way to help out the city,” said Davis.

Now Wright’s name and slogan sit on top of the gym that Davis and his team started in his honor. It’s a place where the youth in Jackson come every week to learn and to grow.

“We hope they take away the knowledge of boxing, and knowing that we even though we are a boxing gym we are still like family here,” said Davis.

Working by Davis’ side are other trained boxers like Nick Lemoine and Butch Bertram, who together say it’s about the lessons learned inside the ring that sticks with you in everyday life.

“I think boxing is more about a challenge of who you are internally than what you can do against someone else. So you really learn about yourself more than you learn about how to fight,” said Wright Way Boxing Instructor, Nick Lemoine.

“We can’t get enough and everything is positive and proactive, resonating to the parents it’s just a marvelous seed that’s been planted in this community,” said Wright Way Boxing Instructor, Butch Bertram.

For the kids, they say this place has changed their lives. It’s evident through messages sent to their coaches.

“He’s been helping me change who I am I guess. Just be a better person, be a better figure in the community,” said Jacob Smith.

“He’s helped me with things outside of the gym, personal stuff and I really do appreciate them and this gym,” said Marcus Coppernoll.

Words mean everything to Davis, who says he knows Wright is looking down proud.

“I know he’s smiling and he’s happy and that’s what keep me going every day.”

It’s a legacy he says will only grow stronger with every person that steps foot inside the ring.