LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A man from Lansing whose comedy videos reach millions on TikTok and Instagram is now paying it forward.

This week, he donated thousands of dollars to the Lansing Boys & Girls Club.

Terrell Wade, 32, still lives in Lansing even after he’s made a name for himself online.

He has more than one million followers on TikTok, and almost 325,000 followers on Instagram, making funny work-related skits.

“Over time, my brand and page have grown to the point I don’t necessarily have to work a 9-5 anymore,” said Wade.

The content creator, known as “The Wade Empire” since 2017, will now be known to the Lansing community as someone who paid it forward.

“As my content grew, and my page and following grew, I wanted to be able to give back to my local community and give back to an organization that meant a lot to me,” Wade said.

Aside from his hilarious content, Wade was serious about giving back to the place he says shaped who he is today by giving it $10,000.

“Every organization is worthy and deserving of the funds, this one just kind of meant a little bit more to me, near and dear, because I’m a product of the Boys & Girls Club. I’ve seen it first hand as a young adult, and a teenager, the impact that it can have. And I even became a staff member here at the Boys & Girls Club,” said Wade.

The director of operations, who’s also an alum of the Boys & Girls Club, says Wade’s donation will help the organization continue its positive impact on the community.

“I see myself in all the kids that walk through our building every day, so donations such as Mr. Wade’s help keep these doors open and help us keep the programming alive,’ said director Joseph Yang.

Wade has a message for any kid thinking about joining their local Boys & Girls club:

“You’ll meet people from all parts of the community, a lot of fun games, TVs, computers, video games, it’s a huge gem. There’s nothing to be worried about. And you’ll have fun ultimately. It’s a safe space to have fun and learn,” he said.