MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa (WLNS) — In the quiet Riverside Cemetery in Marshalltown, Iowa, some of the saddest tombstones are those of incomplete couples, where one has passed away but the other remains buried under a mound of loneliness.

Blossom the Goose, who lives at the cemetery, found herself in this situation last August when she lost her mate, Bud.

After Bud’s death, Blossom’s grief was as evident as any human’s.

“Her behavior was just… it was quite a change,” said Cemetery General Manager Dorie Tammen.

Tammen says Blossom started hanging out near the front office, staring at her reflection in the glass or tombstones.

“She wanted company,” said Tammen.

And that’s when Dorie got a hysterically lovely crazy idea. She posted a personal ad that read in part:

“Lonely, widowed domestic goose seeks life partner for companionship and occasional shenanigans. I’m youthful, adventurous, and lively.”

One day later, the phone rang. On the other end were Deb and Randy Hoyt, the owners of a widower goose named Frankie.

The owners of Frankie set up a blind date, which was successful. Blossom welcomed Frankie with open wings.

“They started walking off together and they haven’t really left each other’s side since,” Tammen said.

This is a loving story that serves as a reminder that until your last day is etched in stone, you should never give up on finding your mate.