CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia. (WLNS) – A spike in violence in central Virginia inspired businesses across the state to help out in any way they could.

Two businesses teamed up in Charlottesville to offer free haircuts and comfort.

Camaraderie and a friendly face.

Something House of Cuts owner Fernando Garay wants to make available at his studio.

“We are just trying to create a safe place for teens to come and preteens to come hang out. Get a place where they could feel confident about themselves again, get a place to talk to people for free,” said Garay.

With the spike in violent crimes, Garay’s Barber Shop and 100 Black Men of Central Virginia, a mentoring program for young African American boys, have partnered up to provide comfort to students during scary times.

“You know recently in the city of Charlottesville there has been a series of gun violence and other just violent crimes going around,” said Garay.

All while getting a free haircut and learning the tricks of the trade.

“Showing them that there is another way outside of just being in the streets and engaging in a lot of violence. Just trying to create preventative measures for our kids and the city,” Garay said.

“We are trying to explore the idea of giving kids free haircuts and giving kids the opportunity to get a haircut, as well as learn about barbering, learn about the skill and the trade,” said Daniel Fairley, President of 100 Black Men of Central VA.

Fairley says donations received have allowed Charlottesville City Schools and Albemarle County Public Schools to be involved in the effort.

“Both in the middle schools and the high schools in the area. So that’s Buford, Journey, Charlottesville high school, albemarle high school,” said Fairley.

Garay hopes his haircuts also give students a confidence boost.

“And, you know, hopefully, just have them perform better with a good cut, have a better day-to-day life, you know, just by looking at themselves in the mirror and feeling good.”

“You know our goal is to change a life one haircut at a time,” said Garay.