SKAGWAY, Alaska. (WLNS) – In Skagway, Alaska, you can find a magical school bus that takes students on the trips of their dreams each and every day, but it’s not your typical class of students. In fact, they’re a lot furrier.

For Moe Thompson, it started with a passion for dogs. When she was in high school, she would offer to dog-sit for free.

When she and her husband Lee moved to Alaska in 2014, she started walking dogs. Her client list lengthened and Lee’s schedule was cut to part-time, so he jumped on the dog-walking bandwagon.

But with a growing business, she knew riding a bike while walking the dogs wouldn’t work in the long run.

“The bus was always like my dream,” said Thompson.

Each dog is trained to hop on board and find their assigned seats. They get buckled in and prepare for an adventure.

There are even cliques, like a real school bus with the little calmer dogs in the front and the more enthusiastic dogs in the back.

The business, Mo Mountain Mutts, has amassed 1.6 million followers on TikTok, with hundreds of millions of views on their videos.

Now the newly married couple and business partners get to bring their eight-month-old son Verne along on the family business. Many tell them they have the dream job and they would agree.

The best part? The couple behind the booming business is from right here in Michigan.

“You know, really miss the Lake Michigan beaches in the summertime. All these years later, the pure Michigan pride is still there,” she said.