LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — For children, heroes and idols can be everywhere.

One girl began a new friendship at the start of quarantine- with none other than her local mailman.

Four-year-old Dorthea Haack and her mailman Chris Lenhoff have created quite the bond since the beginning of the pandemic.

It’s a story that started through her window, Dorthea would spend her mornings waiting for the mail.

“Eventually she wanted to go out and say hello and we left him a few, she drew him a picture and some notes and their friendship has really grown from there and it’s been such a sweet thing to watch,” said Emily Haack.

Lenhoff says he first noticed her waving through the window, and now, his mail truck is adorned with things Dorthea’s made him.

“Right around when the pandemic started I noticed her looking out the window a lot so I would just wave, and then it was waving back and then her mom caught me one day and was telling me about her infatuation with the mail truck, and here we are,” said Lenhoff.

The pair’s daily routine starts with Dorthea waiting at the window or on the porch for his 10 a.m. arrival.

Of course, trinkets, treats and handmade gifts are often in the mix.

Chris says Dorthea is a special highlight in his day, as he takes extra care to greet most because he’s not sure how their day is going but hopes to make a difference.